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salam,gentleman mikham taze fpga ro shoro konam,az ye moshaver porsidam,goft ke bayad c++ ro balad bashi,gentleman C ro taghriban baladam o ba zabane barname nevisi na ashna nistam,hala niaze ke beram yad begiram ya inke ba hamon ettelaat beram jolo ?

این ترم درس مدلسازی سخت افزار رو دارم که کدهای وری لاگ رو میگن

Minimized the compilation time for many Intel® HLS Compiler layouts that include loops that do not include memory accesses or that do not consist of load-suppliers.

mishe lotfan chand porojeye ghabel e ejra ye pardazeshe signal (tarjihan pezeshki, ya tasvir o sot) dar maghtae karshenasi ba FPGA moarrefi konid? hazine ye piyadesazi baram mohem hast. va inke az che seri FPGA estefade konam?

Preset an error where reconfiguration of some non-HPS patterns would erroneously attempt to perform HPS actions.

baraye down load kardanesh, begardid… peidash mikonid. bale ham picoblaze va ham microblaze foghol aade be dard bokhor va por karbord hastan.

This module will allow students to be aware of the elemental concepts of multimode, boiling and condensing heat transfer; to analyse various warmth transfer difficulties, together with methods with multiple heat transfer modes, various helpful site levels several phases and of various geometries; to be aware of and use the rules of radiative warmth transfer to simple very well-described units; to learn how to style and make a choice from differing types of warmth exchangers.

Fastened an intermittent situation wherever firmware would turn out to be unresponsive. NCONFIG is not really toggled quicker than when just about every 50 ms.

Preset a problem where unquoted company paths could make it possible for a local attacker to possibly execute arbitrary code.

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How to try this..? Listed here, in the above mentioned penned code, we're not rotating it in almost any individual route..the motor is itself rotating in the clock intelligent route..It might be amazing if i get some strategies concerning this. I am only a novice..Thankyou..!

Its a terrific experience to me as a brand new comer to Arduino projects. I’m taking this idea into another project for automated curtain opener working with stepper motor in lieu of servo in this project as to hold the weight of curtains.

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Dar vaghe, badane-ye algorithm tavassote cpu ejraa mishe, va az fpga be onvane hardware accelerator estefade mishe baraye kar haaye mesle mohasebate matris ee va … een ye project e khoob khahad bood.

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